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I was born and raised in South Florida which is where my love of the sea and the sun began! I took my first airline flight when I was 9 years and that was when my love of travel began! After graduating HS, I attended JR College in S. Florida and then moved to N. Virginia and attended Marymount University. Still following my passion for travel, I applied to airlines to be a flight attendant but nobody was hiring. I enrolled in Sato Travel Academy and after graduating worked at an agency but a new charter airline was formed and they were looking for flight attendants, so I hung up my agent hat and became a "Stewardess." Charter airlines are not the same as the "Majors" so I decided towork for another travel agency until the major airlines were hiring. A couple years later, Northwest Airlines was hiring flight attendants and I said "sign me up!" I was fortunate to have traveled to all 50 states plus Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean plus cities in Europe and Asia as a crew member. In 2009 I decided it was time to put away my wings and raise my daughters who at the time were 6 and 9 yrs old. It didn't take long to miss my first love - travel! I returned to the work at another travel agency but needed to find a solution where I could do what I love, share my experience and also have time to be the Mom that I want to be! The solution was simple...I needed my own agency...and in January 2014 my next journey began...Compass Travel LLC an individually owned Dream Vacations franchise was born.